Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Follow The Leader

I want to scream “This is not what I signed up for”
He gently reminds me I surrendered my all to Him.
I feel hurt, forsaken, alone.
He brings scripture to my mind about Him never leaving me.
I want to run,
I am not sure if I want to run away from the life I have
Or run to Him begging for understanding.
To whom much is given, much is expected.
He gave His all for me,
But I do not want to give Him my time.

My mouth speaks words of being willing to be uncomfortable for Him.
My heart fills with anger the moment something becomes out of place in my perfect world.
The words He speaks to me seem contradictory.
He reminds me His plan is perfect.

I muster up the strength to tell Him I am willing
He tells me He knew I would be
I am humbled
He leads me to the path I will walk down
With my hand in His, together we take the first steps.

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