Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Big Picture

As I was leaving from work the other day, I fumbled around for my keys to unlock my car doors when something on the driver’s side seat of the car caught my eye. I quickly opened my door to find a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers. I knew the name that would be signed at the bottom of the card attached to the flowers, but not what it was going to say. It wasn’t my birthday, anniversary, or any other kind of significant date that I could think of. I thought to myself, “Why is he giving my flowers?” Maybe my subtle “hints” of reminding him constantly that the last time he sent my flowers was in 2007 (October 31, 2007 not that I am counting or anything. I didn’t even take the time to breathe in their wonderful aroma, before grabbing the card to try and satisfy my need-to-know itch. The card read “I will love you until the last one fades away”. Of course my mind starts to wonder “Does this mean he is going to love me for about another week or so and that is it?” You would think after almost six years of marriage he could think of a better way to tell me he was leaving me. I figured it was either that, or he was really bad at coming up with sweet things to put on a card. So after several phone calls to my mom and some friends, we came to the conclusion that he was just really bad at writing sweet things on a card. I finally saw my husband and thanked him for the flowers. He asked if I read the card, I said yes after a long pause with a puzzled look. He smiled at me and said “you don’t get it do you?” He points out to me that there is one “fake” flower in the bouquet. I missed it! I was too concerned about what was in the card, that I did not take the time to look at what was right in front of me. It made me realize just how often I miss the big picture with God because I am too busy reading into and analyzing everything instead of just opening my eyes. It also taught me that when God puts everything in front of me, I don’t need to get so caught up in the words that I miss the beauty that ties everything together. He has provided me with everything I need to know! Sometimes we just need to take a step back look at the big picture and take the time to smell the sweet aroma of Christ and everything will make perfect sense!

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  1. Excellent post, Beth! I got you added to the blogroll at my site. Thanks for being patient with me. :)