Monday, June 21, 2010

My Brother

I have a baby brother. Well maybe I should just say I have a brother, he is 19 after all. For the past 19 years I have had a built in friend to love, to fight with, the cry with, and just to walk down the same road with. In less then a week he will be leaving for boot camp. Those words make me feel nauseous to type. He decided last year that he was going to join the Air Force. My thought was sure, I bet you are, I had always assumed that he would stay around and work for my dad. Looks like the joke was on me, he really did it. I am proud, scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. I know that this will be a great journey for him. I am certain it will feel like something is missing when I do not see him at church on Sunday's but I also will feel proud to know that my brother is making a difference. I know that he signed up so he could "leave this one horse town". But I also know that when he does something he commits to it. I know that he will serve his country with pride and honor. While we will miss him, we are trusting that God is using this time to grow him into the man that He wants him to become. Please be praying for my brother, Andrew as well as my family as he embarks on this journey. Sarah loves you Uncle Angoo and so do I!

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  1. Hi Beth! Thank you for checking out my blog! That is too neat about the baby names. :) Great minds think alike, right?

    I know you are proud of your brother. Both of my brother-in-laws are in the air force. Praying for your family as y'all go through this transition!